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If you have questions or remarks you can either take the Survey or send in the Web Form below.
In case you want to talk something over you can make an appointment with the Practice Principal at the reception or by phone.
We are not able to reply to any email but we will return your call and are happy to meet you in our office.

Important !
>>>>>>> IMPORTANT <<<<<<<
We are NOT able to reply to emails.
If you want us to get back to you leave your name and phone number.
This form is NOT suited to make or cancel appointments.
To do just that you have to call reception: 020 8766 7430
You can use the form below also to inform us of your Change Of Address.
When sending us your change of address please provide your full name + the old address as well. This will help us to update our record efficiently.
Also update your phone number, if needed, and provide any information relevant (e.g. childeren at the same address). - Thank You -
To make an online booking (new and existing patients): Booking

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