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Welcome to the Crouch Street Dental Surgery website.
We offer our patients a comprehensive range of affordable
dental treatments in general and advanced dentistry including:

Full dental assessments/ check-ups
Preventitive advice and treatments such as oral hygiene, smoke cessation, fluoride application, diet advice,
fissure sealants etc.)
Hygienist services
All types of fillings (amalgam, white composite, gold, ceramics)
Root canal treatments
Crown and Bridges (precious or non precious metal, metal-free ceramics, metal bonded to porcelain)
Dentures (acrylic, metal, valplast)
Orthodontic treatments
Treatment for nervous patients

All treatments are available on either pay as you go basis where you pay for your treatments as you get them done or
you can opt to spread the cost of your treatment by either joining our Payment Plan or apply for our dental finance
at zero % interest. Please speak to our staffs to find the best option available to you.

We aim is to make your dental journey experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible by providing you the best care in a relaxed, safe and friendly environment. If you have any queries regarding any aspects, please speak to our receptionists.